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The Munkis... are a family of monkeys born and raised in Southern California. These monkeys grew up learning how to ride skateboards, fly high on 10 foot waves with their surfboards, and cruise the boulevards in their tricked-out low rider cars with Cypress Hill playing on the deck.

Lovers of music, TV, and film, some have even made it in Hollywood. More than anything else, however, the Munkis love their Mexican culture, able to trace their bloodline back to the jungles of Tulum, Mexico. They honor their heritage and origins by getting together to play a board game that strongly reminds them of home.

Loteria, or Mexican bingo, has existed for over 250 years and can be traced back to Italy and Spain before it made its way to New Spain (modern Mexico) in 1769. Initially a hobby for the upper classes, Loteria became a favorite of everyday people from all classes.

Inspired by this game, Munki Inc. presents to you Loteria El Munki, 54 hand-drawn playing cards that are true pieces of art representing pop culture, tradition, and history.




Project launch of the
Loteria El Munki BLUE SERIES

540 hand-drawn playing cards that are true pieces of art representing Mexican pop culture, tradition, and history. Presale of 100 Playing Cards for early entry support and 440 Playing Cards for a public sale. 


0.5 ETH + A hoodie of their Loteria El Munki artwork for 3 lucky people.


Donations will be made to independent zoo’s and also, locations that house primates throughout California.



Every NFT holder will receive an Exclusive Limited Edition Loteria El Munki board game and if that’s not enough! Every holder will be automatically Whitelisted to our second drop. Loteria El Munki The RED SERIES


After the completion of the first roadmap
We will release roadmap 2.0 which will focus on various real-life utility aspects and metaverse opportunities

Our team

Munki Inc.

Robi Reza
Co-Founder / Artist

Sear F Jimenez
Partner / Investor

Julie Perez
Programmer / Advisor

Don Poinsette


Mint Price is 0.12 ETH

Each wallet can own Unlimited NFT’s/playing cards from the first collection

If you Mint an NFT/playing card from the first collection. you are automatically Whitelisted for the second collection

Once minted, you`ll just need to login into your OpenSea account to view your NFTs.

Yes, 10% of the secondary sales will be deducted in royalties for The Loteria El Munki Team. A portion of those royalties will go towards marketing to ensure growth for the project and continued success.

To Receive your exclusive limited edition board game please send your Complete contact information to Please include a screenshot and number of your NFT to be verified.

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